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School of Forestry

The college of Forestry, a research-oriented college with distinctive BFU characteristics,boasts the longest history,the most competitive faculty among its counterparts and has turned out the largest number of graduates.It is also the core base for talent cultivation,scientific research and the industry-education-research integration in China’s forestry industry.

Over the past 60 years, CoF has trained nearly 10000 forestry science and technology talents for the country. Around 10 of the CAS&CAE academicians in China, such as Shen Guofang, Yin Weilun, Li Wenhua, Zhu Zhidi, Zhang Xinshi, Wang Tao, Xu Guanhua, Tang Shouzheng, Fang Jingyun, Zhang Shougong, graduated from or once studied here. They have made outstanding contributions to the forestry construction of China. 

The CoF has long adhered to a guiding principle that takes boosting the forestry sector of the country, promoting industry-education-research integration as its central goals.Since 2011 it has undertaken more than 400 national,provicial and ministeriallevel and international cooperation projects. Also,it has a total funding of nearly 200 million yuan and has published more that 100 high-level academic papers.

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