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Executive Dean

Executive Dean of the Graduate School - Liqiu Zhang

Basic Information:

- Born in 1972, from Shandong province.

- CPC member.

- Working from July 1998.

- Professor and Doctoral Supervisor.

Education and Working Experiences:

1996: BA, Harbin University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, majoring in Water   Supply and Drainage.

1996-2001: MA & PhD, Harbin Institute of Technology, majoring in Environment Engineering.

2001-2004: Postdoctoral Degree, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake        Administration.

2005-2006: Visiting Scholar, Tokyo Institute of Technology, majoring in civil engineering.

2007-2016: Associate Professor, Professor, the College of Environmental Science &      Engineering, Beijing Forestry University.

  1. : Executive Dean of the Graduate School, Beijing Forestry University.

Present Positions:

- Director of the Water Environment Association of Chinese Society for Environmental        Sciences.

- Member of China Civil Engineering Society.

- Commissioner of the First Water Recovery and Re-use Standing Committee.

- Member of the American Chemical Society.

Research Areas:

- The new model of pollutants in water and their removing methods.

- Ecological remediation.

- Sludge disposal.

- Re-utilization technology.

- Deep processing and reuse of sewage.


- Editor-in-chief: Practical Technology for Emergency Disposal of Environmental Pollution    Accidents Caused by Hazardous Chemicals; Utilization of Urban Sewage Sludge Compost      Forestland and Its Environmental Risk Assessment; Typical Municipal Solid Waste in China    as the Dominant Plant Map for Ecological Restoration of Landfill Sites.

- Subeditor: Technology and Evaluation Method of the Reduction of Pollution and Emission       in the Paper industry; Air Quality Monitoring and Evaluation in Urban Traffic Environment.

- Co-EditorNew Technology of Waste Water Treatment and Reuse; Design and Calculation     of Water Treatment engineering; Operation, Maintenance and Management of the Urban Water System; Pump and Pump station; Theory and Application of Water Purification;        Design and Calculation of Sewage Treatment Structures; National Survey and Design      Registration of Equipment Engineer - Water Supply and Drainage Professional       Examination.

Research Projects:

- Projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

- Project 863.

- The National Water Pollution Control and Treatment Science and Technology Project.

- National Science and Technology Support Program.

- Environmental Protection and Public Welfare Industry Research Project.

- The Western Area Cooperation Project.

- 21st Century Talent Support Program initiated by the Ministry of Education.

- Talents Support Program initiated by Beijing Forestry University.

- Cooperative Projects with Beijing Drainage Ltd., and projects supported by the Beijing Natural Science Foundation.

Achievements and Awards:

- Hosting more than 20 projects regarding the wastewater treatment methods.

- Publishing more than 200 research papers (including over 40 SCI thesis).

- Getting nearly 30 national invention patents.

- 2003: The third prize of Heilongjiang Science & Technology Development (Ranking the     4th).

- 2005: The second prize of National Technology Invention Prize (ranking the 3rd).

- 2007: Heilongjiang Youth Science and Technology Award.

- 2008: The first prize of Heilongjiang Technological Invention Award (ranking the 5th).

- 2014: The second prize of Science and Technology Awarded by the Ministry of    Environmental Protection (ranking the 4th).