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Dean of the Graduate School - Lizhe An

Basic Information:

       - Born in June 1963, from Gansu province.

       - CPC member.

- Working from July 1986.

- Deputy Secretary of the BFU Communist Party Committee, President of BFU, Dean of the BFU Graduate School, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor.

Education and Working Experiences:

       - 1986: BA, Lanzhou University, majoring in biology.

       - 1991: MA, Lanzhou University, majoring in biology.

       - 1997: PhD, Lanzhou University, majoring in ecology.

- Oct 1997- Dec 1999: Postdoctoral Research, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

- 1999-2000: Postdoctoral Research, Bar-Ilan University.

Present Positions:

       - Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Botanical Society.

       - Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Ecological Society.

       - Chairman of the Gansu Botanical Society.

       - Vice-Chairman of the Science Education Committee of Chinese Higher Education Society.

- Deputy director of the Biological Science Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education.

- President of BFU, Dean of the Graduate School of BFU. (Taking charge of the administrative affairs, being responsible for the human resources management, the formulation of the development plan, the discipline development, the graduate education, auditing, admission and employment, guiding the work of the Personnel Department, Development Planning Department, Auditing Department, Admission and Employment Department, and High-tech Innovation Center for Forest Molecular Design and Breeding.)

Research Areas:

       Dean An has long been engaged in the teaching and research works of the plant physiology and ecology, plant molecular biology and environmental biology. He has conducted researches on the adaptation mechanisms of plants and their interaction with the environment under extreme conditions such as cold, drought and strong radiation, and fruitful academic achievements have been obtained. In response to the global climate change, the response mechanism of plants and ecosystems under the enhanced UV-B radiation was studied, an evaluation system for the effects of the enhanced UV-B radiation on plants was established, and the ecological effect caused by the ozone layer thinning was scientifically evaluated as well. In the research of desert ecosystems, Dean An has explained the rich reproductive strategies applied by desert plants to adapt the arid environment and revealed the internal mechanism of the stable desert ecosystem. His research on the frost resistance of plants has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign peers. He established an experimental system for the freezing resistance research, explained the ecological characteristics of ice-covered vegetation and its relationship with the environment, and revealed the physiological ecology and molecular biology of the ice-covered vegetations adaption to the extreme environment. In the study of the high-mountain ecosystem, Dean An explored the differentiation law and the species composition as well as their interactions in different climatic zones of China, explained the role of cushion plants as ecosystem engineers and the driving mechanism of community stability and succession, and provided a scientific basis for the formation and development of the high-mountain ecology.


       - Editor-in-chief: Higher Education of Sciences.

- Subeditor: Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology; Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology; Journal of Lanzhou University (Natural Sciences).

- Co-Editor: Journal of Integrative Plant Biology; Science in Cold and Arid Regions; Chinese Bulletin of Botany; Chinese Journal of Ecology; Journal of Glaciology and Geocryology; Desserts in China.

Research Projects:

       - Projects of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

       - Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

       - International cooperation projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

       - Hundred Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

       - Projects of the Cross-century Talents Fund supported by the Ministry of Education.

       - The "Western Light" talent-training program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

- Projects of the national research and development of genetically modified plants supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

- Projects of the construction of basic data resources platform supported by the Ministry of Education.

- Major research projects on environmental and ecological sciences in western China supported by the National Natural Science Foundation.

- National and Gansu provincial science and technology research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation.

Achievements and Awards:

- Publishing four books, more than 210 research papers on academic journals (including about 120 SCI papers).

- Getting four national invention patents.

- 1998: The fifth Gansu Higher Education Teacher Achievement Award; Wang Kuancheng Postdoctoral Work Award, the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Member of the “Western Light” talent-training program, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

- 2002: Member of the “Hundred Talents Program”, the Chinese Academy of Sciences; member of the “Cross-Century Excellent Talents Training Plan, the Ministry of Education; Excellent Postdoctoral Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

- 2005: Awarded the special government allowance by the State Council.

- 2006: Awarded the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund; Outstanding Scholar of Western Light awarded by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

- 2007: The first prize of the Natural Sciences Award, the Ministry of Education.

- 2010: The second prize of the 2010 Gansu Natural Science Award.

- 2014: The first prize of the Gansu higher education teaching achievements award.