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Party and Administrative Leaders

Graduate School:

1. Organizing the reform of BFU graduate education, participating in the discussion and decision-making of issues related to the school development, and carrying out researches on the graduate education.

2. Making medium-term, long-term and annual plans for BFU graduate education in accordance with national plans, social needs, and science and technology development.

3. Taking charge of the general management of BFU graduate education, formulating regulations, and recruiting master supervisors.

4. Participating in the formulation of discipline construction plans, adjusting and optimizing the degree awarding system to promote the development of emerging disciplines, interdisciplinary studies and advanced technologies.

5. Managing the funds of the graduate education and determining the budget of graduate education projects.

6. Other related works.


Executive Dean Liqiu Zhang:

Conducting the regular works of BFU graduate school, completing the works assigned by higher authorities, and communicating with other colleges.


General Director Yueyan Huang:

1. Work coordination (as Executive Dean Assistant).

2. Administrative affairs.

3. Graduate education supervision.

4. Management of graduate students.

5. Form filling and submitting.

6. Reception of guests and publicity.

7. Graduate school archives management.

8. Works of the Graduate Faculty Union.

9. Other related works.


General Officer Xuhong Xu

1. Administrative affairs (as General Manager Assistant).

2. Tuition collection.

3. Operating expense management.

4. Financial reimbursement and payoff management.

5. Documents and subscriptions management.

6. School assets management and maintenance.

7. Works of the Graduate Faculty Union.

8. Other related works.



General Officer Yan Lu

1. Graduate education and degree awarding supervision.

2. Assisting the National Forestry Master Degree Teaching Steering Committee Secretariat.

3. Assisting the graduate enrollment publicity.

4. Other related works.


Admission Director Lanzhen Wang

1. Admission affairs.

2. Making annual graduate enrollment plans and applying for the enrollment expansion.

3. Compiling and reviewing of graduate enrollment categories.

4. Coordinating the reception of exempted students.

5. Testing arrangement.

6. Coordinating the re-examination and admission of graduate students.

7. Being responsible for the integrity of the admission department.

8. Being accountable for the security and confidentiality of examinations.

9. Admission promotion.

10. Revising and compiling relevant rules and regulations of the graduate admission.

11. Other related works.


Admission Officer Yadong Wang

1. Compiling the annual graduate enrollment general regulations and categories.

2. Organizing the registration of graduate entrance examination, monitoring the online registration, on-site confirmation, qualification examination and photo collection.

3. Organizing works of the graduate entrance examination, including the proposition, test paper printing, examination arrangement, scoring, test performance review and reporting.

4. Taking charge of the re-examination and enrollment works: Including the political review, archives transfer, physical examination, agreement signing, and admission letter issuance.

5. Admission office management: Including the graduate enrollment, material printing, assistant management, document filing, testing material management, enrollment publicity, counselling and receptions.

6. Filing the roster of new graduate students and archiving their records.

7. Security management of the confidential room and the graduate entrance examination inspecting and monitoring room.

8. Other related works.


Testing Officer Yijia Feng

1. Admission counselling, reception, and confidential management.

2. Organizing works of the graduate entrance examination, including the confidential mailing and collection of testing papers, the training and arrangement of invigilators, the scoring and reviewing of papers.

3. Compiling the annual doctoral enrollment documents, organizing the registration, online monitoring, and qualification examination.

4. Archiving students records, analyzing, summarizing and reporting the enrollment data.

5. Compiling documents for enrollment publicity and managing the website and WeChat subscription.

6. Assisting the enrollment of graduate students.

7. Other related works.


Cultivation Director Guozhu Wang

1. Cultivation affairs.

2. Making and implementing graduate training plans to promote the reform and innovation of the graduate cultivation.

3. Making and implementing the annual work plan of the graduate cultivation.

4. Taking charge of the declaration, organization, and implementation of the cultivation reform and innovation.

5. Making and revising cultivation plans of the graduate education.

6. Holding school cultivation meetings.

7. Conducting graduate cultivation assessment works, taking charge of the maintenance of classrooms and teaching bases.

8. Keeping in touch with higher authorities, such as the Academic Degree Office of the State Council, the Graduate Department of the Ministry of Education, and the Graduate Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education.

9. Carrying out graduate cultivation researches.


Cultivation Officer Cuiqiong Liu

1. Implementing cultivation plans of the graduate education.

2. Guiding the implementation of cultivation plans.

3. Checking the performance and achievements of the graduates.

4. Taking charge of the selection of graduates supported by the China Scholarship Council.

5. Being responsible for the declaration and acceptance of innovation projects such as academic exchanges at home and abroad.

6. Making and revising cultivation regulations.

7. Other related works.


Cultivation Officer Chang Jia

1. Graduate teaching affairs: Including the course scheduling, class adjustment, course selection, classroom borrowing, course performance management, course exemption application, etc.

2. Organizing the graduate registration of the CET-4 & CET-6.


Officer of the Professional Degree Division Xinhua Chang

1. Making and revising the graduate cultivation plan.

2. Making and revising the course-teaching plan.

3. Taking charge of the suspended-courses management and the optimization of graduate course system.

4. Conducting the graduate teaching reform and organizing the declaration and selection of excellent courses.

5. Taking charge of the recruitment of teaching assistants, and the declaration, completion and inspection of teaching projects.

6. Making and revising the regulations related to the graduate cultivation.

7. Other related works.


Officer of the National Forestry Master Degree Teaching Steering Committee Secretariat Jiangtao Sai

1. Innovation projects and graduate practice bases management.

2. In-service graduate courses and cultivation management.

3. Guiding the formulation of the graduate cultivation plan for forestry and the curriculum syllabus, the compilation of teaching materials and cases, the development of teachers and supervisors, the setting of the degree awarding standard, and other related works.

4. Organizing the training of teachers with the master degree in forestry and assessing the professional education of forestry master degree.

5. Appraising excellent forestry master papers and carrying out researches on the master degree education in forestry.

6. Holding meetings of forestry masters regularly and strengthening the communication.

7. Opening a website to introduce and publicize the forestry master degree education.

8. Establishing archives of forestry master documents, conference materials, and materials of some other important events.

9. Setting up and operating an information database of examination, admission, degree awarding, and evaluation of the forestry master degree education.

10. Other related works.


Director of the Degree and Information Management Department - Yiling He

1. Organizing and implementing the works of degree and information management.

2. Adjusting the doctoral, master and professional degree awarding system.

3. The declaration and demonstration of new disciplines.

4. Organizing the evaluation of degree awarding.

5. Taking charge of the graduate degree awarding.

6. Being responsible for the construction and management of the graduate network.


Degree Awarding Officer - Wenhe Zhao

1. Reviewing and reporting the declaration, adjustment, and evaluation of the degree authorization.

2. Being responsible for the recruitment and training of supervisors.

3. Organizing the equivalent academic personnel to apply for the master or doctoral degree.

4. Taking charge of the evaluation of off-campus and on-campus papers.

5. Making the annual report of the graduate education quality.


Degree Awarding Officer - Zhe Zhang

1. Organizing and arranging the thesis defense of the master and doctoral degree.

2. Distributing the graduate degree certificate (including the certificate of international students) and archiving the degree records of doctoral candidates.

3. Taking charge of the the degree information reporting and the graduate paper submission.

4. Being responsible for the plagiarism checking of graduate papers and accepting the application for degree certification and archive extraction.



Responsibilities of the Graduate Department of Party Committee

Under the leadership of the Party Committee of BFU, the Graduate Department is responsible for the ideological and political education, psycho-education, employment, and the management of innovation projects of the graduate school. The department also takes charge of appraising scholarships and subsidies and guiding the work of the Graduate Union and the clubs of graduate students. The Graduate Department of Youth League Committee works in the Graduate Department co-located with the Graduate School of BFU.


Secretary - Jinbao Dong

1. Being in charge of the works of the Graduate Department of Party Committee.

2. Coordinating the works of the graduate school (as Associate Dean Assistant).

3. Being responsible of the ideological and political education, psycho-education, and the guidance of the Graduate Union and other clubs.

4. Communicating with other related departments and other colleges.

5. Other related works.


Deputy Secretary - Wei Xu

1. Assisting the Secretary in implementing the works of the Graduate Department.

2. Taking charge of the issuance of scholarships, subsidies and punishing decisions.

3. Guiding the employment and business starting of graduates.

4. Being in charge of the students status management.

5. Reviewing the expenses of graduates.

6. Handling the emergency.

7. Other related works.


Funding Management Officer - Ling Li

1. Taking charge of the grant management.

2. Being responsible for the welcome of students and the entrance education.

3. Appraising scholarships and subsidies of graduate students.

4. Collecting the information of graduate students and managing their status.

5. Distributing the graduate certificate, student ID card, and railway preferential card.

6. Issuing testimonial materials for graduate students.

7. Other related works.


Officer of the Graduate Department of the Youth League Committee

1. Conducting the innovation of party building in the graduate school and developing the backbone team.

2. Taking charge of the graduate education of science ethics, study atmosphere, etc.

3. Setting up and managing the projects of moral education, academic study, technological innovation, and business-starting activities.

4. Being in charge of the works of Youth Committee, such as the academic study, technological innovation, social practice, volunteer service, etc.

5. Guiding the operation of the Graduate Union and those graduate clubs.

6. Taking charge of the psycho-education of graduate students.

7. Developing the social media platform for the publicity of graduate school.

8. Paying close attention on the psychological condition of graduate students.

9. Conducting researches on the ideological and political education of graduate students.

10. Other related works.


Employment Officer - Hongzhao Yi

1.  Being responsible of the business-starting consultation and the construction of employment guidance courses.

2. Carrying out researches on the business starting and employment.

3. Handling the procedures of business starting and employment, reporting the data of graduate employment, and taking charge of the employment assistance.

4. Organizing and implementing the projects related to the business starting and employment.

5. Compiling the Graduate Employment Handbook, the Employment White Paper, and the Annual Quality Report.

6. Developing the graduate employment market and organizing practice activities of business starting and employment.

7. Taking charge of the gratitude education and integrity education of graduates.

8. Other related works.


Manager of the Graduate Union - Xiuyao Wang

1. Guiding the operation of the Graduate Union and clubs.

2. Organizing and implementing activities of academy, technology, campus culture, social practice, volunteer service, art, sports, etc.

3. Carrying out the training courses of backbone team among graduates of the Communist Party.

4. Taking charge of the organization of the entrance education and graduate ceremony.

5. Being responsible of the operation and management of the graduate media platform.

6. Dealing with affairs of the Graduate Department of Party Committee.

7. Other related works.