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Implementation Details of Chinese Language Courses Examinations for International Students
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In order to standardize the examination disciplines of BFU, fostering the good concept of morality and discipline for international students, the rules introduced are combined with the actual situation of our Chinese Language Courses.


第一章   考试命题

Chapter I Test proposition


第一条  考试内容应着重检查国际学生对课程基本内容的掌握与运用和学生的创新开拓能力。

Article 1 The test content should focus on inspecting the mastery and use of the basic content of the course and innovation development ability of international students.


第二条 考试方式可采用闭卷或开卷;可用笔试、口试或笔试与口试相结合的方式。

Article 2 Based on the characteristics of the course, either closed book or open-book methods can be adopted. we may use written test, or oral test or the combination of both.


第三条 考试的命题由任课教师负责,试题须经留学生办公室审定,同一门课程,原则上实行统一考试。

Article 3 The proposition of the test is in the charge of the course teacher and must be examined and approved by the International Student Office. The same course, in principle, should use unified examination.


第四条  每门课程应拟制AB两套试题,份量和难度相当。在试卷上应注明考试时间、分数分配;若开卷考试应注明开卷字样。提前一周将试卷样卷送至留学生办公室主任审批,并抽取一套作为考试试卷,另一套留作补考时备用。

Article 4 Each curriculum should draw up A and B, two sets of papers and the quantity and difficulty of these two sets should be similar. There should be a clear indication of the test time and the score assignment on the examination paper. If it is an open-book examination, it should be indicated “open book” on the paper. The sample of examination papers should be delivered to ISO a week beforehand. After examining and approving the papers, the chief of ISO will select one set of papers for the exam, the other set will be for (any) make-up exam.


第五条 所有课程逐步建立试题库试卷库,使考试工作逐步做到科学化、标准化。五年内考题内容原则上不得重复。

Article 5 The “questions library” or “the examination paper storehouse” of all curricula of the whole school should be established gradually to make the examination works achieve scientific and standardized result step by step. The same exam content should not appear within five years.


第二章   考试组织

Chapter II Test organization


第六条  期末考试、缓考、补考和重修考试均由留学生办公室统一安排,未经留学生办公室同意,任何个人不得自行安排考试。期中考试时间由任课教师决定,于课堂中进行随堂考试。

Article 6 The final examinations, the delayed exam, the make-up test and the retaking test should be arranged by ISO. Without the permission of ISO, any individual cannot arrange the test voluntarily. The time for the mid-term examination shall be determined by the teacher, and it should be arranged during the class.


第七条  每个考场必须配备正、副两名监考人员,正监考由任课教师担任。

Article 7 There will be one invigilator and one vice invigilator in each examination room. The invigilator is the teacher who teaches the course.


第八条 国际学生进入考场应隔位就坐,并服从监考老师对座位的调整与检查

Article 8 Students should sit in the indicated rows and allow the invigilators to rearrange their seat or check their desks.


第九条  期末考试期间由留学生办公室牵头组成联合巡视组对考场进行巡视,并做好考场巡视登记或违纪处理等工作。

Article 9 In the course of the final examination, the ISO will be responsible for the routine check-up of examination. Meanwhile they will write down inspection registration or punishments to offenders of examination rules.


第十条  监考老师在考试前,要做好各项设备调试工作,确保考试顺利进行。

Article 10 Before examination, it is necessary for the invigilators to check and test necessary equipment to ensure the examination goes as scheduled.


第三章   考试纪律与违纪处理

Chapter III Examination Discipline and Disposal of Violation


第十一条  参加闭卷考试的国际学生,除必要的文具外,不得将书籍、笔记本、通讯工具、自备稿纸等其他物品带入考场,若已带入考场,必须在考试前集中摆放。

Article11 Except for the necessary stationeries, other articles such as books, notes, communication tools and manuscripts are not allowed in the close-book examination room. Students with any of those articles above must put them in the designated place.


第十二条  考试时必须携带学生卡或其他有效身份证件,入座后将证件放在桌子的左上方,以备监考和巡视人员核实检查。

Article12 All students must take their students’ cards or other valid ID in the examination room and place their Students’ ID cards on the top left of desks for a routine check by invigilator and inspection staffs.


第十三条  缺课超过该课三分之一者,不能参加本课程考核,按旷考处理,缺课时数由任课教师统计认定。没有征得留学生办公室同意而擅自缺考的同学将以旷考论处。

Article 13 Any student who is absent for more than 1/3 of the lessons is not allowed to attend the examination and will be regarded as abandoning the examinations. The absence of class hour will be recorded and affirmed by the teachers. For those who do not have the prior approvals from International Student Office and miss the examinations, will be regarded as abandoning the examinations


第十四条  考生必须提前至少5分钟进入考场。考试开始后,迟到15分钟以上者,不得参加考试,以旷考论处。

Article 14 Do enter the examination room at least 5 minutes earlier. Students who are 15 minutes late after exam commencement will not be allowed to attend the exam, and will be deemed as abandoning the exam.


第十五条 答卷必须独立完成。开卷考试经教师同意可以看参考书,但不得抄袭或请他人代答试卷,不得交换教材和各种参考书,禁止使用手机。

Article 15 The test paper should be completed independently during the stipulated time. In an open-book examination, reference books can be used under the teacher’s permission, don’t copy or answer solutions of others. Don’t share teaching materials and reference books. Mobile phone usage is forbidden.


第十六条  提前交卷的考生,交卷后必须立即离开考场,不得在考场内外逗留、喧哗、影响他人考试。当主考教师宣布考试时间已到时,考生必须立即停止答卷,将考卷反扣在桌面上,由监考人员将考卷收完并核查无误后方能离开座位,考生不得将试卷、答卷(含答题卡、答题纸)、草稿纸带出考场。

Article 16 Students who hand in test paper in advance should leave examination room immediately, please don’t linger around or even make noise in the examination room. Students should stop answering the paper when time is over, as the examiner declares. Put your paper upside-down on the desk, leave your seat when the papers are all collected and checked (with answer card, answer sheet) Examinees should not take the paper or answer sheets (including answer cards and answer paper) out in any case.


第十七条  监考人员有权根据考场情况提出组织好考试的其他要求,考生必须服从。

Article 17 Invigilators are entitled to put forward other reasonable rules according to the exact condition during the examination process. Examinees are required to obey these rules.


第十八条  考生不遵守考场纪律,不服从考试工作人员的安排,有下列行为之一的,应当认定为考试违纪。监考老师有权视情节轻重,取消其当次考试资格。









Article 18 Candidates who do not comply with the codes of discipline of examinations, or obey the instructions of the examiner, shall be considered violators of exam rules. Invigilators are entitled to deprive their exam qualification depending on the severity when they act as follows:

1. Carrying things disallowed in the examination room.

2. Participating in the examination, but not sitting in the required seats;

3. Answering before the start signal or after the end signal.

4. Peeping, whispering, and exchanging signals or gestures to each other in the course of the examination.

5. Do not leave the examination room after handing in the test paper or make noise in the corridors of the examination hall.

6. Leaving the examination room without the invigilator’s approval during the course of examination.

7. Taking the test papers, or answer papers (including the answer card, answer sheet) out of the examination room.

8Other violations in the examination room identified by the university that constitutes acts of cheating.


第十九条  在考试过程中,有下列行为之一者,属于作弊:












Article 19 Students with the following behaviors during examination will be considered cheating:

1. Copy or peep the test content from other students, and show the test paper to other students.

2Exchange exam papers or hand over scripts relevant to the test content;

3Look at books, notes, data or carry examination-related materials secretly in a close-book examination;

4Exchange books, notes and relevant materials in an open-book test;

5Organize or participate in group cheating;

6Write examinations and related content on the desktop, etc. prior to commencement of exams;

7When examiners find identical papers and are confirmed by school;

8. Cheat through communication devices, e.g. cell phone;

9Alter the name of others’ test paper and possess  them;

10Ask other people to take the exam for you or someone to answer the test paper for other person;

11Other behaviors affecting the authenticity of the test score.


第二十条 国际学生有考试违纪行为,监考人员应及时纠正,并于考试结束后将违纪情况以书面材料报留学生办公室。凡有国际学生作弊,监考人员一经发现,应立即取消作弊国际学生的考试资格,并于考试结束后将作弊国际学生的试卷、作弊的有关证据及作弊经过的简要情况书面报留学生办公室,留学生办公室提出处理意见,并备案。

Article 20 Any international students who violate the rules during examination will be corrected by the invigilators timely, and will be reported to ISO in written material. Once the cheating students are caught by invigilator, their examination qualification shall be revoked immediately and the examination papers, proofs and the introduction of process be reported to ISO in written material. ISO will put forward disposal measures and put on records.


第二十一条  对考试作弊的国际学生作如下处理:




Article 21 International students who cheat in exams are treated as follows:

1. Students who once cheat will be punished from being kept in university but placed under surveillance to being expelled from the university based on the severity of situation.

2Students will receive score 0 and be noted “Cheating” on the transcript for the course they took if they were cheating. The student who pass the make-up examination will receive a score of no more than 60.

3. Students who assist others to cheat during an exam will receive the same punishment.


第二十二条  考试后国际学生不得为考试成绩或处分等与教师、工作人员无理纠缠,更不得进行威胁。否则将按校纪处理,情节严重、触犯法律者,将开除学籍,并移交司法机关处理。

Article 22 After the examination, the students can’t make unreasonable demands to or even threaten the teachers or relevant staffs, otherwise the students will be punished according to the university disciplines. Anyone with serious violation of the law will be expelled from the university and handed over to the judicial office.


第四章   监考人员守则

Chapter IV Invigilator Guidelines


第二十三条  监考人员必须以高度的责任感和一丝不苟的精神做好监考工作,消除作弊隐患,杜绝作弊,保证考试顺利进行。

Article 23 Invigilator must possess a high sense of responsibility and the spirit of doing a meticulous job, to discourage potential cheating, and to ensure the smooth progress of examinations.


第二十四条  正、副监考人员均应提前15分钟进入考场,在考试之前应做到:







Article 24 The invigilator and vice invigilator should arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule. During the examination they should do the following:

1Announce the examination disciplines, and clear notes for the test;

2Request the students to put away books, materials, electronic dictionaries, and other items which they have taken into the designated exam centers.

3If students have brought mobile phones or other communication tools into the examination room they must turn off the mobile phones. The students will be considered violating the examination discipline once their mobile phones are caught open.

4Arrange and adjust the students’ seats. If students do not obey, invigilators have the right to cancel his or her examination qualification.

5Request students to put their international students card or other valid ID on the left top corner of the table

6. Count the number of attendees, and check certificates. If the students don’t have the student’s card or other valid ID, they shall not be allowed to participate in the examination.


第二十五条 正监考教师在考试之前,向国际学生重申考试纪律,说明考试注意事项。副监考要主动协助正监考教师做好考前的准备工作。

Article 25 Invigilator should re-outline examination disciplines and attentions to the students prior to exam commencement. Vice invigilator should take the initiative to assist the invigilator with the preparation.


第二十六条  监考时,监考人员应做到:





Article 26 During the examination, the invigilator should be do the following:

1. Except for questions about the printing, nothing more shall be answered. The invigilator shall not do anything other than invigilate.

2. Invigilator shouldn’t answer the phone or chat during the examination.

3. Maintain good order in the examination room from the beginning to the end;

4. When the time is up, the invigilator should declare an immediate cessation of the examination, students can leave after the invigilator has finished counting test papers and respondents.


第二十七条  对无故缺席、监考失职或对国际学生作弊视而不见、听而不闻的监考人员,作为教学事故,并按有关规定处理。

Article 27 The invigilator who is absent without proper reasons, dereliction of duty, or turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to cheating will be treated as an accomplice to cheating and dealt as relevant provisions.


第五章   试卷评分

Chapter V Test Score


第二十八条 考试采用百分制计分,60分为及格。考试评定应公正、客观,严格按评分标准执行。

Article 28 For examination, the hundred mark system is adopted, 60 points as Pass. The assessing shall be fair and objective according to the strict implementation of the standard score.


第二十九条 参加汉语预科学习的学生,未通过汉语课程考试不能进入专业课学习。由此产生的后果由学生自负。若国际学生对评分有疑问,可向留学生办公室提出申请。

Article 29 Students who attended Chinese preparatory courses but failed to pass the Chinese course examination cannot enter the specialized courses. The consequences are borne by the students themselves. If students are questioning the score, they can submit an application to ISO.


第三十条  教师应通过试卷评阅,及时收集、分析、总结国际学生答卷中的问题,并做好试卷分析和试卷的整理和归档工作,并书面向留学生办公室作学期教学情况和考试工作的报告,提出今后改进本门课程教学的意见。

Article 30 By marking test, the teachers should collect, analyze and summarize the problems which existing in answer sheets timely, sort out and file examination paper analysis and papers well, report teaching and examination to ISO in written form, and present the existing problems and their improvement measures.


第三十一条  考试结束后3个工作日内应将成绩单、期末考试试卷和考试情况小结送交留学生办公室。成绩单一经提交,任何人都无权更改。如有特殊情况,应由原任课教师提出书面报告,经留学生办公室同意后方可改动,该书面报告附于成绩单后备查。汉语课程试卷保留5年后方可销毁。

Article 31 Transcripts exam papers and summary of examination should be handed over to ISO within 3 workdays after examination. None has the right to change mark sheet after submition. If for special circumstances, the original teacher should submit a written report and get approval from ISO and attached with the transcript for reference. The Chinese exam papers will be kept for 5 years.


第六章   缓考

Chapter VI  Delayed Examination


第三十二条 学生因事因病或其他正当原因不能参加考试者,必须在该课程考试前向留学生办公室及任课老师提交申请,否则,成绩按0分计算。


Article 32 The students who can't take the exam due to physical illness or other valid reasons need to submit an application to the International Student Office and course teachers in advance, otherwise the result will be recorded as 0.

The mid-term exam could not be delayed. The delayed final exam will be organized by ISO after approval.


第三十三条  本实施细则由国际交流与合作处留学生办公室负责解释。

Article 33 ISO is responsible for the provisions’ explanation.



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