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【Chinese Culture Activity 2015】The First Stop: the Forbidden City
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On October 9, 2015, 32 new international students who just began their learning journey at BFU were ready for their first cultural experience outside the classroom: Visiting the Forbidden City. It was a sunny afternoon with blue-crystal sky. All the international students and Chinese volunteers were excited and were interested in exploring this world-famous magnificent ancient building group. As a vital part of Chinese culture and history, all these well-preserved carved beams, painted pillars as well as these magnificent palaces or halls were so attractive showing the great wisdom of ancient Chinese people and the power of feudal Dynasties.


Located in the center of Beijing, the Forbidden City (also named Palace Museum, or Gugong). For almost five centuries, it served as the home of 24 Emperors and their households, and the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese imperial government.


It is divided into two parts. The southern section, or the Outer Court, is home to the official buildings where the emperor carried out national affairs and publicly ruled. The northern section, or the Inner Court, was where he lived with his royal family. It was built along a meridian line. From the Dragon Throne, an axis can be drawn directly south through the many gates, right through to Qianmen and on.


All the students enjoyed their first cultural experience activity and they have learned a lot through the descriptions. It not only enriches their life, but also helps them understand China better. All the students are expecting to the next cultural activity.


So stay tuned.

Next stop: Beijing Olympic Green and Jogging-Match

Date: October 23th

Time: 13:00 p.m.

Gathering place: In front of Tianjiabing gym


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