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Chinese Culture Class,The 2nd Stop: Paper cut
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 On October 9, 2014, around 30 international students took part in the Chinese cultural class experiencing the charm of paper cut.

Paper cut is a traditional cultural style in China. It has been practiced in China since at least the 6th century A.D. The emergence and the prosperity of this folk art are closely related to the local customs and people’s daily life. It remains popular in contemporary China, especially during some special events like the Chinese New Year or weddings on the purposes of praying for health, longevity, good luck or the decorative uses. Red is the most commonly used color. In term of its design or shape, some Chinese characters and lovely animals are usually preferred. It was listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2009. 

During this paper cut activity, all international students had been introduced its origin, meaning and cutting skills through power point slides and video clips. They were all excited and could not wait to pick up their scissors to cut their first "red double happiness".

Although it was their first hands-on experience on paper cut, their works were delicate and fine enough to bring out great surprise. Some boys even made fun as they cut: "In the future, I will use this paper cut to proposal a Chinese girl." With their clever hands and good sense of beauty, some female students even created some unique shapes. 

Therefore, Chinese culture class not only builds close relations between teachers and students, but also improves students’ learning enthusiasm on both Chinese and Chinese culture. It is a great experience for all the international students.Thank you for your attention.

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