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Scientific Chinese A(compulsory courses for the Students from Chinese-taught Degree Programs)
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Course: Scientific Chinese-Listening and Speaking (2 credits/semester, 2 semesters in total;2 periods / week)
Introduction: This course is mainly for the basic Chinese language used in Natural Scientific. It selects the language materials in the field of modern science and technology as the teaching content. It focuses on the commonly used words, word formation and grammatical structure in Chinese, as well as common expression syntax, in order to meet the actual needs of foreign language students.
It emphasizes listening and speaking training, improving students' ability of oral expression of science and technology in classroom teaching.
It also cultivates the basic knowledge of Chinese and basic Chinese skills of foreign students in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, improving scientific and technical Chinese listening and speaking ability. The course provides the necessary language support for professional courses.

Course:Scientific Chinese-Reading and Writing(2 credits/ semester,2 semesters in total;2 periods/week)
Teaching Objects:This course is for the International students who start the study of major courses.
Introduction:The language of the professional textbook is the technical language. There is a huge difference between vocabulary, grammar function and daily spoken language.
This course covers a wide range of knowledge,with great interests,regarding the professional knowledge system as the outline and technology words and professional terminology as the main body according to the careful analysis of corpus. The vocabulary of this course is foundational and practical.

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