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Chinese Courses(Language Courses)
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Course: HSK Guidance (0.5 credit/semester; 4~6 periods /week)
 Introduction:Teaching HSK word and grammar, the course sticks to the outline of HSK examination. Teacher will help student to resolve HSK in listening, reading, writing, problem-solving skills four aspects and improve students' examination skills. Students who pass the HSK Level 4 test are able to deal with most communication tasks in their study, work and living.

Course: Oral Chinese(0.5 credit /semester;4~6 periods/week)
Introduction: This course is an important basic course for foreign students learning Chinese. Through a lot of oral practice, students would talk properly in our daily life, give a coherent speech on general topics of social life and express their ideas exactly with correct pronunciation and grammar.

Course: Chinese Listening (0.5 credit/semester; 4~6 periods/week)
Introduction: Listening is a lesson designed to improve students' listening ability and help them to understand the daily conversation.
Listening material is widely used in daily life. Each lesson sets a topic and the text is dominated by dialogue. Teacher will help students to understand the given materials, cultivate and improve their ability through a variety of teaching methods.

Course:Chinese Writing(0.5 credit/semester;4~6 periods/week)
Introduction:Setting up the Writing Course from elementary stage, from strokes and characters writing training to literal expression,plays a positive role in promoting the learner's overall language communication. The course will consolidate students’ knowledge that learnt from other classes and make their expression more accurate and standard.

Course: Comprehensive Chinese(1 credit/semester; 8~10 periods/week)
Introduction: Students are able to communicate in Chinese in daily work and life through learning the Chinese alphabets, basic grammars, sentence structures and basic training on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The sufficient vocabulary and progressive grammar coverage will lay a solid foundation for your HSK.

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