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Notice for Application of Excellent International Students Scholarship 2020-2021
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Notice for Application of Excellent International Students Scholarship 2020-2021


According to the notice of the Ministry of Education, the selection of "Excellent International Students" will continue in the 2020-2021 academic year to select and motivate international students studying in China who are knowledgeable and friendly towards China, excellent in character and academic performance.

The notice is as follows.


  1. Candidates

  Open Quota Candidates 3 for Chinese Goverment Scholarship undergraduate, master, and PhD students.

The International Student Office will organize experts to conduct a unified evaluation according to the comprehensive situation of the recommended candidates, such as their academic situation, scientific research ability and performance in China.


A. For undergraduate and master students (Only for Chinese Government Scholarship Students), studying for the second year and above. Excluding those leaving campus due to exchange programme, internship, suspension of studying in 2020-2021 academic year.

B. Friendly attitude towards China, excellent performance in China.

C. Excellent academic performance, strong learning and research ability, abiding by Chinese laws and university regulations. Mentally and physically healthy. Fully developed.

D.Good academic performance, actively participate in school or social practice activities, play a prominent role in the dissemination of Chinese excellent traditional culture or promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and have outstanding contributions in public welfare undertakings, with outstanding deeds.

3Preliminary review materials

A. Transcript of academic year 2019-2020 (generated by educational administration system and stamped with official seal);

B. Composition entitled “My Story in China” (titles unlimited) in no fewer than 800 characters/words. Content should focus on experience and feelings in studying and living in China. Written in Chinese or in English.

C. Index certificate, acceptance certificate of journals (other papers cannot be accepted as support materials), or certificate of joint publication;

D. Awards or patents in national or provincial competitions;

E.Certificates of serving as student cadre or association leader;

F. Other support materials (eg: Applicant’s publicity report, etc.)

Please send the above application materials to the email: or before November 2nd. (Name of the package: Chinese name + student number; E-mail subject: Chinese name + excellent international students)

Follow up selection to be notified.



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